Hello lovelies!!! :)

After two months of long thinking I finally decided to change my url. I wanted a new url because of several reasons. First of all, I wanted to get rid of unwanted stalkers, I don’t know if my parents checked my blog daily or not but I suppose they didn’t. And people besides them could have found my blog, who knows. I also though ‘fearlessmoment’ sounded a bit boring, so that’s another reason.

But I will give you my new url. If I think logically, this is the Internet. I can be found, everybody can be found. So a new url won’t change anything. And besides that, if somebody I know found my blog…Although I have few friends, I can firmly state that I have no enemies. I am sure my blog won’t be leaked and if so, I am not ashamed of it, really. If I am anything, I am proud of my blog. 

So here it comes, my new url is coaxingelf. (You can click on it)

"Coaxing elf" comes from one of my favourite Irish ballads, Star of the County Down.

I also give the new url, so that if somebody from tumblr wants to find me by my old url, they can still find me and keep in touch with me.

Also, I am really sorry if you want this url but I decided to keep it because of the reason mentioned above. Also, although I find this url a bit boring, it grew on me, it spent 2 years and 4 months with me. And if I changed my mind, I would still want the possibility to get back to my old url.

Thank you so much lovelies,

Have a gorgeous day!! :)


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